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Club Mission
The New Brotherhood Motorcycle Club

Purpose of this Organization

This organization shall be known as The New Brotherhood Motorcycle Club (M. C.). This organization has been formed as a non-profit organization and will function as such under the laws of the state(s) in which it resides. The New Brotherhood M. C. of Pennsylvania, hence-forth know as the Club, will be considered the "Mother Chapter" of this organization and all subsequent New Brotherhood M. C's. shall be considered "chapters" of this organization.

Mission of this Organization

It shall be the mission of this organization (Club), The New Brotherhood M. C., to promote enjoyment and interest in ownership, riding skills and safety for persons who appreciate and ride motorcycles. At all times it shall be the Club's objective to promote a better image of motorcycles and motorcycle riders to the general public. Where possible we will engage in any and all charitable events when called upon and will attempt to assist our community in whatever community activities we can.