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The New Brotherhood Motor Cycle Club History

     In the summer of 1976, a group of disgruntled motorcycle club members decided to create a club of their own. The club would be designed to encompass all the things that we thought a motorcycle club should be. Thus the New Brotherhood Motor Cycle club was conceived. The club consisted of;

           Mr. D and Linda,
           Go Down and Sugar,
          Vanilla Hop and Wild Cherry,
           Black Jesus and Hips,
          Hi Boy and Donna,
         Chocolate Hop and Frisky,

hence forth to be known as, The New Brotherhood Motorcycle Club. The Club had a meager beginning. We did not have a club house and were forced to meet in each others houses (thanks Bam-Bam). We did not have our formal club Colors so we improvised; using Tee shirts with ironed-on letters. What we did have however, was the will to become a motorcycle Club, with a common desire for togetherness and brotherhood

Given that we all came from a well known motorcycle club, we were no strangers to the Black motorcycle clubs in the eastern portion of the United States. We were accepted with warmth and friendship wherever we went; we were, The New Brotherhood.

 Because we demonstrated a real desire to be a valid club, all the chapters of the club that we had resigned from accepted us as a brother club. During this period we crafted a set of By-Laws which, to us, were the absolute manner in which we would conduct ourselves.

Finally, after what seemed forever, a few months; we were able to designed, order to be made and receive our Colors. The New Brotherhood was now an official motorcycle club. I can't tell you how proud we were of each other; we were now officially the "Club." Looking back, we were never apart from each other for any great length of time. That may seem odd to civilians; non-bikers, but we were the "Club" and nothing came before the Club! We "hung" together every day! We rode everywhere we could as the Club; in town and out of town. We were The New Brotherhood; "brothers and sisters" forever.

When we got our first Club House, we finally had a home. We treated our new "home" just like what it was, our home. We spent every possible moment at "home" with each other. Regardless what was happening in the outside world, we all had our Club family and our Club home. There was nothing that could break our bond, and believe me it was tested all the time; girls, drugs, booze, money But as you can see, we are still here. As our younger members say, "The New Brotherhood; Hood forever."

The Original Club

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